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Centrum voor Academische en Vrijzinnige Archieven (CAVA)

CAVA is the common name for the partnership between the University Archives of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) and the Centrum voor Vrijzinnig Humanistisch Erfgoed vzw (CVHE). The partnership is classified under the VUB and has the status of a scientific-logistic service. CAVA was founded in 2012 and presents the archives of both institutions in one centre to the outside world as this allows them to deliver better service to the archive creators and users. In 2014, CAVA was recognized as a cultural archives.

University Archives of the VUB

Logo VUB The VUB University Archives were founded in 1990. The service is under the direct responsibility of the vice-chancellor and manages long-term archives stretching over approximately 3 km. The service focuses on the guidance of the administration (selection and digital born archives problems) and on the preservation and valorization of the historical archives of the academic community. Recently, the management of the institution’s scientific heritage was also included.

Centrum voor Vrijzinnig Humanistisch Erfgoed (CVHE)

Logo CVHE The non-profit organisation VSAD ‘Karel Cuypers’ was founded on 17 April 1986 with the aim of scientifically supporting the secular humanist movement in Flanders and preserving and valorising secular humanist archives. VSAD was originally located in Antwerp, but with the cooperation agreement, the administration and collection were transferred to the Oefenplein campus of the VUB. Today, the non-profit organisation is called ‘Centrum voor Vrijzinnig Humanistisch Erfgoed’.


Board of Directors

  • Jef Asselbergh (deMens.nu)
  • Machteld De Metsenaere (VUB)
  • Karen François (VUB)
  • Prof. em. Michel Magits (VUB), president
  • Sylvain Peeters (deMens.nu), vice president
  • Yves Van der Hoeven (VUB), treasurer
  • Mario Van Essche (deMens.nu)
  • Alain Vannieuwenburg (deMens.nu)

Scientific Board

  • Christophe Busch (Hannah Arendt Instituut)
  • Prof. dr. Gily Coene (VUB)
  • Niels De Nutte (deMens.nu)
  • Dr. Christoph De Spiegeleer (Liberas)
  • Em. prof. dr. Willem Elias (VUB)
  • Dr. Katleen Gabriels (Maastricht University)
  • Dr. Bert Gasenbeek (Humanistisch Historisch Centrum)
  • Dr. Adelheid Rigo (Odisee)
  • Prof. dr. Patrick Stouthuysen (VUB)
  • Prof. dr. Floris van den Berg (Universiteit Utrecht)
  • Jan Van den Brande (deMens.nu)
  • Dr. Donald Weber (Amsab-ISG)