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online catalogue

Our online catalogue allows you to search all our collections simultaneously. Not all our archives and collections have been added to this online catalogue, but descriptions are added almost daily. Don't hesitate to contact us if your search didn't yield the desired result.

The catalogue can be consulted in Dutch, English or French, but the content of the descriptions is available only in the language of the document. The largest portion has been described in Dutch. Our collections can be searched by entering (a) search term(s) or by browsing through the tree structure.

How to Use Our Catalogue

The first screen you'll be confronted with is this one:

Pallas search screen

To search via search term, enter one or more words in the search field. When using one search term, you can also abbreviate by using ‘secu’ for instance instead of ‘secular’ or ‘secularism’. You’ll get a list of all the words that match your search term and can then click on the word of your choice.

For a more focused search, you can enter several search terms simultaneously. The catalogue ignores capital letters and accents. You do not have to enter delimiters (such as ‘&’ or ‘,’), spaces suffice. The order of the words is not important, the system combines them itself. You start the search by pressing <Enter> or the ‘Search’ button.

In the bar on the upper right, you can indicate which part of the description should be searched for the search term. By default, ‘All’ is used for the search, but you can refine your search for example by only searching on ‘person’ and not on the entire description when entering a name. You then only get the descriptions which have the person as creator or donor, etc. as a search result.

In the bar on the lower right, you can specify whether you want to search the archives, the library or the photo library. By default, it searches all document types.

The search results are always displayed grouped together: first the archives, then the library books and articles and finally the descriptions from the photo library.

Pallas button

When searches return multiple pages of results, you can navigate to the following pages using the arrows at the bottom of the page.


If you click on a description in the search results list, you will see all the description parent levels so it is clear which archive the description belongs to. Clicking the blue and white button at the bottom of the page brings you to the tree structure where you find the full context of the description.

On the home screen, you can also click on the button "Browse the archives" to browse through the tree structure. You will see the highest level of the tree structure for the archives collection. It is not possible to browse through the library and photo collections.

Pallas plus

By clicking on the small plus sign, you can view smaller and smaller archival units. Found what you were looking for? Then you can ‘isolate’ this unit and investigate it further by clicking on the preceding icon for the description. Clicking on that icon again will bring you back to the overview.